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ARTMOST.STORE has been created for those who share the same belief as we do: an artist’s main focus should be creating but not marketing. The exhibiting-and-selling part of the platform has been created exactly for that: to help artists focus on creating. If you have decided to sell your works, don’t hesitate to apply to the platform’s resources, as this organisational work is our main focus.

You are the one who decides the policy you want to go with and ARTMOST.STORE is here to help. The art market is constantly changing and we are aware of all these transformations and ready to use this knowledge in order to make our cooperation pleasant and prosperous.

Please use the following email address to share the images of your works, their description and your artistic biography: [email protected]

Send the images

Becoming a part of a platform has never been easier!

How does it work? Step by step instruction:


We conclude an agreement

The agreement has all the delicate moments, such as ARTMOST.STORE ’s commission which constitutes for 30% of the painting’s cost, written down on paper.

(Download the agreement)


We sell the originals and prints of your works

In case of a successful sale of a print the original work still stays in your hands. Your part of a deal is estimated for 30% of the order’s cost (minus the expenses for the print’s manufacturing). All you have to do is send us a high quality image of your work in 300 DPI resolution and sized 3500 pixels on a bigger side, if there is a demand for your particular work.

(Photo requirements)


We create an artist’s profile for you

The profile must consist of information about you, letting the reader know about who you are as an artist. To put it shortly, it should contain:

1. Your photo

2. An artistic biography: the year you were born in, your place of residence, the name of the institution where you got your artistic education.

3. A list of exhibitions you took part in. It is necessary to mention a date and a name of the exhibition. In addition to that, don’t forget to put in the information about museums and collections which contain your works.

4. Peculiarities of your creative style.

5. Additional information, such as social media publications, video publications and so on. The information you choose to put in your profile will ease the process of understanding your artistic motives, preferences and ideas for the viewers.


Importantly: you are the one who decides the cost of the works

Please take into consideration that the price stated on the site includes the percentage of the commission for ARTMOST.STORE. This means that you, as an artist are not allowed to put in a lower cost on other Internet recourses or sell your works independently for an amount of money that is less than the one stated on our website. As cooperators we should be aware of your initiative of changing the price. In case of an independent sale for a different, lower price we are going to have to remove your works from our website.

We are as interested in selling your works as you are. If you are experiencing problems with deciding the price for your artworks, don’t hesitate to use our questionnaire. We must stress that our company is reserving the right to make recommendations about the price if we find it overstated.

To learn more about price formation, please call or text.


We promote your works

ARTMOST.STORE is an extensive federal platform that exhibits-and-sells works of art. Within several years of the site’s existence we created the most optimal approach, that is a combination of online and offline methods that facilitate a promotion of the artist’s works and his or her identity.


We connect artists and art-buyers

Large exhibitions all over the country, important events, a huge online exposition and an opportunity of «trying on» an artwork in a particular setting online help artists and buyers form a perfect match.

Please use the following email address to share the images of your works, their description and your artistic biography: [email protected].