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Delivery of original paintings and sale of digital images

Methods and terms of delivery

Delivery terms

We deliver paintings and images to any country in Europe and the USA.
The delivery time for an original work of art is from 5 to 20 working days.

Delivery from Eastern Europe and CIS countries, including Russia, is carried out by specialized transport services (for example, Art Pochta Shipping https://artpochta.ru/eng/ ), with the control of careful packaging in a wooden box. To reduce the cost of delivery, at your request, we can send paintings (which are on paper or canvas) in a tube. We take care of obtaining all the necessary documents and permits for the export of original paintings.

For delivery of paintings from the countries of the European Union, we can use state postal ground delivery services or DHL, DPD, TNT and others.

The courier calls you in advance to clarify the address and delivery time of the order.

Methods and rules for obtaining a digital image of a painting
The method of obtaining a digital image of a high-resolution painting: by e-mail within 1 business day.

You get a JPG file with a minimum resolution of 3000 pixels (in some cases this resolution is even higher), this resolution is enough for high-quality prints or posters up to 100 cm in size.

The image is intended for personal use on three digital media or one printed copy, without the possibility of replication.

Payment Methods

In the case of selling a painting for more than 2000 euros, payment in two stages is possible: you pay 50% of the amount in advance, and the remaining 50% you pay after receiving the painting.

The sale of paintings up to 2000 euros inclusive, as well as the sale of digital images is carried out only after 100% prepayment.

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