Material: Canvas

Technics: Oil

Size: 90 x 100 cm

Year: 2021

Genre: Genre painting

Style: Expressionism

Location: Unknown

Frequently asked
question (FAQ)

You can make a payment directly on the website using a credit card through the checkout option. Alternatively, you can choose the "Quick Order" button and a manager will contact you to discuss all aspects of the artwork, payment, and delivery. We also offer the option to pay after a live viewing.

For certain countries and artists, especially for more affordable works, we have special payment conditions. Simply click on the "Quick Order" button next to the selected artwork, and a manager will get in touch with you to discuss payment after receipt. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to help you find your perfect piece of art with a high level of service.

The client covers the cost of shipping. We deliver artworks using various transportation companies based on the country of origin of the artwork and the destination. The delivery cost is calculated in advance in the cart and can be confirmed after considering the artwork's specifications and the regions involved. We pay special attention to the packaging of artworks, particularly for pieces larger than 80 cm, where we use sturdy wooden crates along with cardboard and bubble wrap.

If you reside in the same city where the chosen artwork is located, we can arrange for a viewing. You can select the country where the artwork is located using filters and inquire about the city by pressing the "Quick Order" button. Additionally, upon request, we can provide a detailed video of the artwork showcasing both the front and back. For most artworks, high-quality photos are available on the artwork's description page, allowing you to observe even the smallest details. In some cases, there is an option for payment only after receiving and viewing the artwork in person.

Certainly! We have a methodology for selecting artworks for interior decoration or investment purposes. If you are decorating your interior, you can send a photo of your wall and interior, and our consultant can help choose artworks that complement your space and even provide visualizations to help you envision how the artwork will look in your environment. For investment purposes, our investment consultant can guide you on artworks with greater investment potential.

Artworks by contemporary artists often come signed and do not usually require authenticity checks. However, we can provide a Certificate of Authenticity from ART MOST upon request, along with a confirmation letter from the artist. Artworks from the 20th century may be accompanied by heirs' letters or auction certificates. For prominent artists, an expert opinion from an art historian or expert center is mandatory. Antique artworks require thorough expert evaluations and may include documents verifying the painting's history and ownership.

With a wide selection of over 20,000 art pieces, including paintings, sculptures, graphics, and interior items from artists and collectors across 20 countries, our prices start from 250 euros. Most artworks in our catalog offer the option for payment after receipt and a live viewing.

Our service includes professional consultations on art collecting, art investment, and artwork selection for interior decoration by interior design specialists. Our unique online artwork value calculator helps assess the artwork's price. We offer free visualizations of selected artworks in your interior by our designers. We also provide an automated service for selecting artworks for your interior – just upload a photo of your wall. Our user-friendly catalog search allows you to search by thematic preferences or keywords.

While this rarely happens, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchased artwork, just let us know and we will facilitate the return process.

When storing paintings and graphics, it's important to ensure they are not exposed to direct heat sources (e.g., radiators or fireplaces) and are not hung very close to open windows, in order to avoid sudden temperature and humidity changes. For graphic works (watercolor, gouache, pastel, pencil, marker, etching, etc.), direct sunlight exposure should be avoided. If paper-based artworks are displayed on walls, it is recommended to frame them with mats and glass for protection.