Volosov Vladimir

Awards and Achievements

– Gold Medal in an International Exhibition "Contemporary Impressionism" (NY, 2010)
– Gold Medal in an International Exhibition "Life & Environment" (NY, 2010)


1994 – Series of traveling exhibitions “Two worlds - one culture”, Berlin
1996 – Gallery “Karjalan Portti”, Imatra, Finland
1996 – Kunst Galerie, Bochum, Germany
2000 – Gallery “MAI-ART”, Lappeenranta (Finland)
2001 – Gallery “Art City”, St. Petersburg
2002 – Book World Gallery, Boston (USA)
2012 – Newton Open Studio, Boston, USA
2012 – Gallery "Fromrussiawithart" Boston, USA
2013 – Art Center, Mancheter –on-the-See, USA
2014 – Gallery "Touch", Boston, USA

Vladimir Volosov (born 1937) is an artist and scientist, professor. Lives in Boston.

The paintings of Vladimir Volosov - the second life of a scholar, doctor of physics, professor, Laureate of The USSR State Prize, and the author of more than one hundred scientific papers in an advanced field of modern science - Non-Linear Optics. In 1990, "when his life on earth was half-lived," the scholar left the study of science and fully committed himself to painting.
Today he is still a painter, an author of more than one thousand paintings. The painter works in the style he defines as "Lyrical Realism." Subtle lyricism and a fascination in color and harmony are combined in his canvasses with unique arrangements of light and artistic technique, with outstanding texture and expressiveness.
The works of Vladimir Volosov have been featured in over thirty Russian and International galleries, are found in private collections in Russia, Europe, and the US.
His albums were published in 2006, 2016, 2022, and 2024. In 2010 he was featured in the Swedish publication "Who is Who in Russia."
In 2013 his paintings were featured in an album in New York of "International Contemporary Artist."