Rogovsky Igor

Igor Rogovsky (born in 1983, Belarus) is an author of driftwood sculptures.
Graduated from the Ural Academy of Architecture and Art with a degree in architecture of
industrial buildings and structures.
"You can say that my whole life is somehow connected with the tree. After graduating from the
construction college, I began to design wooden houses, and later took up their construction.
Once I saw the sculptures of a master from the United States and decided to try to make a
similar sculpture. I decided it would be a challenge to myself.
The collection of natural material took one summer season. Each snag is a piece of a puzzle that
adds up to a unique single image. This "puzzle" took me 3 months.
When I look at the sculpture, I see how the simple and complex shapes of driftwood that nature
has created are transformed into a single elegant image. Creating a work of art while preserving
the environment and drawing inspiration from nature is my direction.
Sculptures made of wood, carry a positive energy, they are alive, warm, real. Such art objects
are eco-friendly: only natural materials are used for their production.
With my sculptures, I want to show that you can create something interesting, impressive,
without using the latest technologies, but simply by turning to nature. Beauty is in simplicity.
The purpose of looking at the sculpture is to give aesthetic pleasure, ask yourself questions and
look for answers to them. Also to see how it marches with the landscape, lives and ages with