Cohen Malca


2011 – “MAAMAKIM NOSHMIM” (breathing depths), Gevo Gallery, TLV

2017 – “Exhibition of creative retirees”, TLV PORT
2016 – “Art and about”, Hapoalim Bank, TLV
2015 – “Israeli Art”, Hapoalim Bank, TLV
2012 – Bat Yaer farm, Mitzpe-Amuka
2012 – Rothschild Gallery, TLV
2011 – Ein Hod Gallery, Ein Hod
2010 – Arbel Gallery, TLV
2005 – “Beit haomanim” (The Artisan House), TLV

Malca Cohen was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. In Israel she started painting in her 30s and studied at the Tel Aviv Art House with the best known artists in Israel: Mia Cohen Levy, John Bail, Avinoam Kosovsky, Naomi Miller and Motty Penn.

Malca's paintings bring abstract images with few figurative figures. In the focus of her work she brings her emotional, sensual and secret world.

Her paintings reflect her inner truth which is reflected in many contrasts such as light and dark, tenderness and difficulty. The sensitivity expressed in her work is soft and hard and at the same time direct and mysterious - a dual world that exists for each other.

The fog element appears in her work - the transparency that emerges from the fog reveals and hides and creates curiosity and mystery that are intertwined.