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Modern “Matisses” and “Van Goghs”. Followers of the traditions of the great post-impressionists


At the end of the 19th century, some artists ceased to be inspired by the principles of impressionism. They began to reject old dogmas and look for their own individual style. Then numerous directions and trends of painting began to take shape, which we know under the general concept of post-impressionism. And although they were all very different, they still had a lot in common. The Impressionists wanted to show an impression, a moment, while the Post-Impressionists wanted to show a long-term state, where everything was frozen out of time and space. They are not interested in nuances, in the paintings there is no perspective, no volume, the structure is conditional and flat. The colors are very bright, the details are mosaic. And there is always a symbolism, a hint or a reference to something. Because for post-impressionists the main thing is the internal state, their own memories and emotions, knowledge of the true essence of phenomena and things.
We offer you to look at the modern followers of the post-impressionists - no less bright and original, who also emotionally and subtly convey the essence of the world around them.

Immersive exhibition by Paul Cezanne

Museum Carrieres de Lumières

Provence, 2021

Post-impressionism gave rise to the development of many areas of art. For example, Van Gogh paved the way for expressionism. Paul Gauguin - to modernity and symbolism. And Paul Cezanne - to cubism, one of the trends of modernity.

In the style of Van Gogh

Post-impressionism is a cry from the heart, a subjective assessment of the world. It is not for nothing that real masterpieces were obtained from the hands of masters with a difficult fate. For example, Van Gogh’s paintings began to be subjective. They began to lay a deep philosophical meaning.
With his paintings, he tried to show the beauty of the world around him. However, there were many betrayals and disappointments in Vincent’s life, so viewing his paintings creates a deep dissonance in the viewer.
Van Gogh experimented a lot. In the heyday of his work, he stepped over impressionism, creating his own unique style, the manner of a separate stroke and deformed, often grotesque forms.

«True artists paint things not as they would look in a dry analytical way, but as they feel.»

Vincent Van Gogh

«Red vineyards in Arles»


Vincent Van Gogh

«Wheat field with cypresses»


Vincent Van Gogh

«Mulberry tree»


On the Art Most in the style of Van Gogh – Horaciy Chernukhin, Evgeny Kovalchuk, Vladimir Teryokhin.

Vladimir Teryokhin

«Fantastic landscape»

Oil, canvas. Price 1950 euros

Evgeny Kovalchuk

«Old Budva aerial view»

Oil, canvas. Price 2200 euros

Horaciy Chernukhin


Oil, canvas. Price 4650 euros

In the style of Henri Matisse

The French artist Henri Matisse is known to the world as a great explorer of color. Modest, restrained in life, Matisse splashed out all the experiences and feelings on his canvases: depicting fewer details, he sought to convey more emotions. He was not afraid of sweeping strokes, used rich contrasting colors and at the same time simplified the form as much as possible, making the drawing concise and expressive, adding a new facet to the perception of painting as a game. Thus, Matisse became a kind of forerunner of modern conceptual art.

«Everything that is not needed in the picture harms it. In the work there must be harmony of all parts; extra detail can take the place of something significant in the mind of the viewer.»

Henri Matisse

«Red room»


Henri Matisse

«Opened window»


Henri Matisse

«Reclining nude on a purple background»


In the catalog Art Most works in the style of Matisse – Aleksey Parshkov, Bato Dugarzhapov, Larisa Evgrafova.

Larisa Evgrafova


Acrylic, cardboard. Price 1000 euros.

Bato Dugarzhapov

«South courtyard»

Oil, canvas. Price 5750 euros

Aleksey Parshkov

«Blue mat»

Oil, canvas. Price 3000 euros

In the style of Paul Cezanne

Cezanne is one of the whales of post-impressionism. His painting is based on form, color and contrast. In addition, Cezanne deliberately distorted the perspective for greater expressiveness. His favorite techniques are reverse perspective, spherical perspective, various curved lines of a spatial plan. Despite the fact that Cezanne’s paintings seem to be as concise as possible, they contain a lot of information and a clearly constructed philosophy of things.
Paintings in the style of Cezanne are easy to identify. Here, a clear and unambiguous contrast is striking, which highlights all the objects in the picture. In order to highlight the forms and make them stable, Cezanne even used a bold black outline and a noticeable diversity in colors and shapes. Each form in the picture is both a part of the general, merging with other objects, and a separate element, independent and completely different from everything that surrounds it.

«Everything in nature is sculpted in the form of a ball, a cone, a cylinder, you must learn to write on these simple figures, and if you learn to master these forms, you will do whatever you want.»

Paul Cezanne



Paul Cezanne

«Blue Vase»


Paul Cezanne

«Estac with red roofs»


In the style of Cezanne on Art Most – Gemma Mkheyan, Alexey Kamenev.

Gemma Mkheyan

«Veronese color sky»

Oil, canvas. Price 2200 euros

Gemma Mkheyan

«Lemonade for two»

Oil, canvas. Price 2200 euros

Alexey Kamenev

«Shadows of the past»

Oil, canvas. Price 1850 euros

In the style of Albert Marquet

The French painter Albert Marquet is a recognized master of the landscape. Marquet’s canvases are entirely about the atmosphere, there is no eventfulness or any kind of narrative in them. The artist depicts everyday prosaic objects, and with the help of simple, one might say mean, visual means, he achieves a special sound and harmony. Monochrome, gray, bluish-gray colors, a veil of melancholy are the most recognizable features of Marche’s landscapes. His simple and poetic paintings make a special impression on the viewer, evoke a calm lyrical mood.

Albert Marquet

«Madame Marquet in the Old Port»


Albert Marquet

«Notre Dame»


Albert Marquet

«Fishermen. La Chaume»


In the Marche style on the Art Most – Bato Dugarzhapov.

Bato Dugarzhapov

«Fire department»

Oil, canvas. Price 5900 euros

Bato Dugarzhapov

«Perm. Glazunov Academy»

Oil, canvas. Price 11200 euros

Bato Dugarzhapov


Oil, canvas. Price 13100 euros

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