Investing in Art


How to Determine If the Price Is Adequate? Issues. Risk of Forgery Instead of Conclusions.

Francis Bacon

«Etude pour une corrida (d’après Study for a bullfight N°1)»

90,000 €

Decorative arts, 19th century

«2 White marble coupes»

20,000 €

Marc Chagall

«Pavel Ivanovitch Est Ramené À L’auberge»

3,600 €

How to Determine If the Price Is Adequate?

Entrepreneurs understand that in order to make a profit, one must buy or produce at a lower cost (not necessarily compromising on quality) and sell at a higher price. This refers to purchasing at a low price point. But how can you know if the price is adequate? There are two approaches to valuing art: the first is market valuation. This is used to assess works by well-known artists, for which there is existing auction and gallery sales data. For instance, websites like can be utilized to see the last time and price at which an artist’s paintings were sold.

But what if the artist is not well-known, making it difficult to find sales information about them?
For this scenario, there is a second approach – parametric valuation, which forms the basis of ArtMost’s online calculator. The calculator indicates which paintings are good for investment by comparing the offered price of a painting with its estimated value. Thus, the concept of a low buying base applies to first-tier artists: the purchase price is approximately [market valuation] / 1.5; investments in second and third-tier artists’ paintings are priced around [parametric valuation] / 3.

Issues. Risk of Forgery

The main problems in the art investment market include distrust in the market, lack of transparency, a high number of forgeries, and a scarcity of experts. Many art dealers withhold information to maximize their profits. Furthermore, even having an expert opinion does not guarantee the authenticity of a piece. Investing in art can be risky due to forgeries and liquidity issues. To mitigate risks, it is crucial to study expert opinions, provenance, and the market.
If you lack experience, seek advice from experts.

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Catherine BORODAI