Art Basel in Paris 2023: A Spectacular Showcase of Creativity


Paris, renowned as the cultural capital of the world, welcomed art enthusiasts from across the globe as it played host to the highly anticipated Art Basel in Paris 2023 event this week. This extraordinary event showcased an impeccable array of artistic talent from both emerging and established artists. Let's delve into the captivating galleries and standout works that made this event an immersive experience for all art lovers.

Extraordinary Galleries and their Stunning Contributions:

Paris + par Art Basel 2023 featured an impressive lineup of internationally acclaimed galleries, each bringing their unique blend of creativity and innovation.

This year, 154 galleries are taking part in the fair. For the Paris edition of Art Basel, French identity is important, so French galleries come first.

Nahmad Contemporary Gallery presents a $25 million Picasso in Paris and Nicolas de Staël, painted the year he died and estimated at $7 million.

Hauser & Wirth presented new works by Gary Simmons, Mike Kelley, Rita Ackerman and Angel Otero. Mid-sized galleries such as Cécile Fakhoury sold almost all of their booths, such as the one dedicated to Ellajac. Of particular interest was the booth dedicated to Hellas by Linsey Delumo.

“We are very excited about the opening of the Parist exhibition. Linsey Delumo’s Ellada works were an immediate favourite with collectors. Most of the works were sold on Wednesday’s VIP day,” said Director Delphine Lopez.

“Between the sales of works on the stand and works made from photographs, we sold about 40 works to institutions and collections in France, Luxembourg, USA, Colombia and Korea.” Interest in the Supports/Surface exhibition continues to grow,” explains Loïc Garrier, joint managing director of Ceysson & Bénétière.

Nathalie Vallois (Galerie Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois) believes that the world is going through bad times, unprecedented crises, but over the last ten years this has been compensated for by an increase in the number of collectors. You could say that in art people find a mental escape from the hard reality of the world, but in fact the number of wealthy people, and therefore the number of buyers, often very sophisticated, is growing exponentially. This has been felt over the past two years.

The influx of new collectors partly explains the explosive increase in the number of artists and paintings on the art market.

“The pressure is on, the competition is great, the offers are very strong,” explains Marion Papillon.

Among the works on show is a marvellous clock by Niki de Saint Phalle, created as a tribute to Jean Tinguely after his death in 1992 and inspired by his ingenious mechanisms. Before the exhibition, they were sold for $250,000.

The gallery also features works by Gaëlle Chotard, Eric Ditman, Javier Pérez and Elsa Sahal.


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