Skornyakov Alexander

Alexander Skornyakov (born in 1966, Ufa) is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists at UNESCO. From the age of five he attended the art studio and than school. Graduated with honors from the Ufa College of Arts (1985) and the graphic arts department of the Bashkir State Pedagogical University (1991). Alexander has a very wide range of interests. He is engaged in interior design, creates wall paintings and frescoes, abstract and symbolic-surrealistic compositions, portraits, landscapes, sculptures and art objects. At the moment, Alexander has created more than two and a half thousand works of art. In the design community of Ufa, Alexander is a recognized expert in the field of selection and placement of works of art in the interior. Alexander Skornyakov is a participant of many exhibitions from republican to international. His works are in the interiors of state, religious, commercial and public organizations, and are also in private collections in Russia and abroad.