Nikulina Sofia

Sofia Nikulina is an artist from Ufa. ⠀ He graduated from art school, architecture and construction University with a degree in architecture, the British higher school of design, illustration course (2014). After years of studying, working in illustration, creative searches and experiments she move from realism to abstraction. Then experiments with liquid materials began. "Creating each picture for me is a real Art therapy and another experiment." Having discovered this, Sofia began to share her technique with everyone, conducting author's master classes in different cities of Russia and abroad, and also came up with a ready-made solution Art Therapy Box, so that everyone could touch new art. In 2019, in St. Petersburg, the artist held her first solo exhibition "This is You" and began collaborating with the Moscow factory of seamless fabrics RF 24/7, creating her own collections of prints for interiors. "The desire to paint in new technique, namely the technique of liquid materials, appeared quite by accident. During the working process, the acrylic filling poured out of the marker onto the white plastic table and began to randomly mix with another color. This phenomenon so fascinated that there was a desire to begin to learn and explore this technique. For me, it was an unknown, new world that opened up something different every day. It was as if the paint itself dictated my composition and format, and I was just adjusting to the situation. The amazing power of the material consumed me. I began to experiment with textures, surfaces, and various paint overlays, trying to achieve certain effects: depth and movement, creating a real magic, striking the mind and imagination. For me, it also became important that the finished paintings are difficult to associate with a specific image. New combinations allow the viewer to see a different beauty, perhaps to hear and feel something. I know that looking at my work, everyone has their own associations. I want to show the viewer an absolutely otherworldly, new, emerging world, plunging into which you will want to love more and live more.»