Lipatova Marina

Marina Lipatova is a contemporary artist and photographer. “I don’t make the world a better place, it’s beautiful without me. My style of work is impressionism. He is close to me, through him I reveal myself as an esthete, as an observer. I am impressed by the moment and transfer it to the canvas, mixing my mood, thoughts and a little bit of my soul with the paint. My paintings are inscribed in the interiors of houses in different parts of the world, it warms and inspires great new works. I want to grow, learn from the best, endlessly experiment and declare myself to the world. Harmonious and calm themes and colors are my intentional choice, they do not excite the mind, on the contrary, they pacify and give warm energy to the space of the house. The most pleasant thing for me is to write to order. To catch the mood of a person, consider his image, lifestyle and try to embody. I love to give my works to friends, to my happiness, none of them gather dust behind the closet. Surprise, sometimes delight, cause joy with my work - this is my love forever.