Liana Ni


2020-Spring Rhapsody group exhibition in Kurultai
2019-personal exhibition of graphics and illustrations "Little Stories"
2018 - "The Birth of the Republic", Ufa
2017 - "Youth of St. Petersburg", CX, St. Petersburg
2016 - exhibition "To Women about women", Museum of Modern Art. Nail Latfullina

2016 - exhibition "Wonders of the Bulgar Country", Kazan Kremlin Museum –Reserve, Hermitage-Kazan Center
2016-exhibition "Young Artists of Russia", Central House of Artists, Moscow
2016 - "Youth of St. Petersburg", CX, St. Petersburg
2016-international art project "Art-Inkognito" and final exhibition, Moscow
2016-festival of contemporary art "Living Space" "The city that I discovered", St. Petersburg
2016-exhibition "Metaphysical Head in Art", Novosibirsk
2016-exhibition "Intrigue" as part of the group "Chow-Chak", Berlin
2016-VI Tomsk All-Russian Triennial "Drawing of Russia", Tomsk
2016 - exhibition "Clothing in art", large-scale project " Imaginary Museum of Mikhail Shimyakin. Anthropology of Forms", artist Mikhail Shimyakin Foundation, St. Petersburg
2016-EtnoArtFest 2016, London
2015-Art expedition, exhibition " Bolgar. Voices of the Earth", Tatarstan, Bolgar
2015-All-Russian competition exhibition "The Muse must work", St. Petersburg
2012 - Exhibition "Bashkir Amazons", Moscow.
2012 - "La peinture contemporaine Russe de l'oural" Geneva (Art of the Urals), Geneva
2012 - "Russische Kunstler geben sich die Ehre..." Austria, Athens, Austria
2010-ethno-futuristic symposium and exhibition "Chylkyt vu", Udmurtia
2010-personal exhibition "Toy passions", Ufa
2008-personal exhibition "Constructions", Ufa
2007 - project "The flag in your hands", France Cannes, Chelyabinsk, Ufa
2007-V Novosibirsk Biennale of Graphics, Novosibirsk
2007-III Tomsk All-Russian Triennial "Drawing of Russia", Tomsk
2006-Youth Republican exhibition, Ufa
2006 - international art project "Nomadic Khabar Scrolls", Moscow House of Nationalities, Moscow (Turkey, Ankara, 2006 Kazan, Yakutia, Turkey, Neftekamsk, 2007)
2005-15de Internationale Exlibriswedstrijd Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
2003-exhibition of works by members of the Association of Young Artists and Art Critics of Bashkortostan under the Russian Artists ' Union of the Republic of Belarus, Ufa
2003 - international art Salon "New Generation", project "Radiance of the Moons", Central House of Artists, Moscow
2002-Gallant and erotic creation in the exlibris and small-sized graphic, Triennal Havirov, Havirov, Czech Republic
2001-II Republican exhibition of scenography for children "Kolonsak", Ufa
2001-Inernationale Exlibriswedstrijd Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Liana Nigametzyanova (born in 1984, Ufa) is a painter, graphic artist, designer, illustrator, member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. She graduated from the Ufa School of Art, the Department of Design (2003) and the Art and Graphic Faculty of the Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after Akmulla (2008). The main themes of the works: the female image and ethnics. While traveling, another line in his work also began to actively manifest itself – urban sketches, which resulted in a series of works "Cities". Active participant of exhibitions. Her works are kept in museums in Russia and collections in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, and America.