Cholokyan Misak

Awards and Achievements

Tsea prize laureate of the 2015 Biennale, Krasnodar


2017 - international Biennale in Novorossiysk
a part of the «Horizon» project in CDH Moscow
a participant of an international exhibition Mostra d’Arte Feste in Arte in Padova, Italy

Misak Cholokyan (born in 1976). Graduated from the Art College Repin. The artist, initially starting from visual impressions, departs too far from the imitation of reality. His paintings are born from an analysis of the structure of visible objects and phenomena, based on a well-balanced ratio of picturesque masses. Comprehension of the works of Misak Cholokyan occurs through denial: they start from the too simple and obvious and move on, like the discoverers of uncharted lands. It is always a breakthrough into another dimension, hence the epicness in the sound of the artist's works. The degree of freedom from the initial predestination from samples determines the value of the work - how much the author had the courage, skill, power of insight to go far. Misak Cholokyan's paintings are a path from the chaos of unstructured and unedited impressions to the creation of one's own cosmos.