Chandra Lee

Chandra Lee is a digital illustrator and co-founder of a digital art and design studio. Author of the sensational series of works "Chandralizmy", most of which is in private collections in Belgium, Luxembourg, France. "Chandralizmy are, to some extent, my self-portraits that convey my feelings and emotions, moving from physical to digital space. And always with a new idea instead of a head. I would describe the style of my artwork as fashion - surrealism. The theme of fashion has been a leitmotif throughout my life. At the age of 14 I started my life as a fashion model, at 25 I worked as a costume designer in cinema, at 35 I started my career as an artist, and at 38 I returned to the Moscow Fashion week catwalk again. I draw inspiration for my work from my family, the fashion world and current world events. My Chandrales are a woman who tells her story. She loves beautiful things, she has deep feelings, she is in love and resists the imperfection of the world. She is erotic and daring. She's always different, but she's always herself."